Welcome to Our Community Page

At The Ruckman Group, we're not just specialists in auctions and real estate; we are a family deeply embedded in the fabric of Knox County. For multiple generations, the Ruckman family has been an integral part of this community, establishing and running small businesses that contribute to our region’s growth and vitality. Here’s how we continue to engage with and give back to our community:

Community Involvement
Our Legacy:

 A Family Tradition: The Ruckman family has been a staple in Knox County for multiple generations, growing alongside the community and contributing to its development through various business and charitable efforts.

Local Events and Sponsorships:
4-H Tack Auctions and Junior Fair Livestock Auction: We actively support these events that are vital to maintaining the agricultural spirit of Knox County. Both of our auctioneers donate their time and talent for the Thursday Livestock Auction during the county fair. We have also been successful winning bidders on several of the animals that are run through the ring.

Food For the Hungry Gala: We annually facilitate auctions that raise significant funds to address local hunger issues.

Mount Vernon Music & Arts Festival: Our sponsorship helps celebrate and promote local artistic talents.

Knox County Fair: We’re committed sponsors and participants, supporting one of our community’s most cherished annual events. We are now vendors during this week long fair. Stop by our trailer for raffles, conversation and our latest auctions.

Fredericktown Tomato Show and Centerburg Old Time Farming Festival: We engage in these festivals to honor and support our local farmers and craftspeople.

Youth and Sports:
Junior Fair Awards and T-Shirt Sponsorships: Our sponsorships aim to encourage and celebrate the achievements of our young participants.

Babe Ruth League Team Sponsors: We invest in our youth by supporting local sports teams, fostering both community spirit and physical fitness.

Community Leadership and Government Involvement
Local Government Service: John P Ruckman serves as a Mount Vernon City Councilman, demonstrating his commitment to civic engagement and his dedication to the well-being of our community.

I’ve seen both sides of the Ruckman Group. They have done auctions for organizations I’m a part of, and I have purchased at auctions they coordinate. Everything runs smoothly when they run an auction. They have my full confidence and I always know who I will work with when the need arises.

A. Keener

I have seen John at multiple auctions and he is always working to get the highest dollar for the seller. He helps out at the Jr Fair Livestock sales at the county fairs and works to get the kids the best price.

B. Durbin

The Ruckman Group has worked our 4-H auction for many years and always do a fantastic job!

T. Vaughn

John and his team excel at what they do. Highly recommend their services and thankful for what they add to our community.

R. Miller

Our Roots in the Community

Our Beginnings

John and Amy's journey together began in the very heart of Knox County’s cherished 4-H program. Their shared experiences in this program not only sparked their relationship but also deepened their commitment to supporting local agricultural and youth initiatives. This personal connection to 4-H and FFA has driven their passion to give back to the programs that shaped their early lives and to foster similar opportunities for future generations.

A Family Tradition Continues

The tradition of participating in local agricultural events continues with the Ruckman children. Alice, Eloise, Cora, Johnny, Millie, Ian, and Josie are now active participants in livestock shows throughout Knox County. Their involvement is a testament to our family’s ongoing commitment to the agricultural community and exemplifies our dedication to fostering the same love for local traditions in the next generation.

Building a Legacy

The Ruckman Group is committed to ensuring that the same opportunities that brought John and Amy together are available for the next generation. By actively participating in and sponsoring local events and programs, we aim to contribute to a vibrant, supportive community that values its agricultural heritage and invests in its youth. Our family’s involvement spans generations, reflecting our deep roots and ongoing dedication to the community of Knox County.