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John P. Ruckman, Auctioneer & Realtor

Cell: (740) 398-6522    Email: [email protected]

John is a licensed Ohio real estate agent with Wigton Real Estate and Auction based in Ashley, Ohio. John's real estate broker; Larry Wigton, is a 35 year veteran of the real estate industry and as a result has the experience to aid in making every real estate transaction a successful one.

If you're considering selling real estate, John would be more than happy to assist you through you're real estate journey. Working closely with a team of industry professionals with decades of experience, no one will work harder to get your property sold.



Benefits Of Selling Real Estate At Auction

In the current real estate market the primary challenge for a seller is not to find potential buyers but rather to get top dollar for the property in question. The auction method of marketing brings buyers together in a competitive enviroment and allows for a property's true market value to be discovered through a process of increased bid placement. 



-The Ultimate Form Of Price Discovery


-More Control For You As A Seller



-Time Definite



-No Contingencies Or Warranties



-Comparable Commissions



-Aggressive Marketing And Advertising



-Forces Buyers To Be Decisive



-Establishes True Market Value



-Quick Turn Around (30-45 days)



-Auctions Create Excitement



If you would like to schedule a real estate consultation with John please call (740) 398-6522

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